We are more than just the former students
of Rainier Beach High School.

We exist as an essential link between the past, present and future of the school. Our goals are to provide current students with a sense of history, and to be utilized as a valuable source for financial funds. We will support and fuel the students' talents, values and dreams.

We also aim to provide services for all alumni, young and old - including frequent opportunities to build and rebuild friendships from the past, long after graduation!

We hold strongly the words of the first principal of RB, Donald S. Means. On January 17, 1961, during the formal dedication of Rainier Beach Junior-Senior High School (yes, it was also a junior high at one point!), he made the following remarks:
Often a community and its secondary school are completely intermeshed. They share the same name, and the accomplishments of one can be a great boon to the other.

Naming our school after its community was a wise decision. Although Rainier Beach has been an honored name for many years, many Seattleites had a rather vague idea as to its location. Often our leading citizens were identified as "Franklin" people. From now on, the school and the community will work together to prove that:

We're from Rainier Beach, and no one could be prouder.
And as the years go by, we'll proclaim it even louder.

Let me propose a recipe: Blend one magnificent student-body with one noble faculty in a majestic building. Place all this in a grand community and allow it to mature naturally. The product should be educational excellence, sometimes called Rainier Beach High School.
For this website, we are trying to artistically and thematically draw a connection between the past, present and future, combining tradition and elegance with concise-yet-thorough information. We aim to be an essential resource that accurately portrays the spirit of RB and the depth of issues surrounding the school and its community.

We'll be updating this site regularly, so be sure to bookmark it and visit often... and be prepared for some surprises ahead! If you have any suggestions, please email us at RBalumni@gmail.com.