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Here are more exclusive video downloads featuring RB alumni!
  • BOY GEORGE SPEAKS TO RB - This isn't a joke. Boy George addressed the RB students in 1996 via RBTV, and what he said was rather controversial! But yes, Boy George and RB share a few seconds of history together. Again, this is the REAL Boy George, in one of the few celebrity cameos that RBTV broadcast.

  • LOS NOVIOS II - Filmed on location at Rainier Beach High School, this Spanish film is a story about love, deception, and redemption. Created for extra credit, it was a surprise hit in the Spring of 1994 in all the foreign language classes. It is the sequel to the film, Los Novios, that was released for a parental open house exactly 6 months earlier.

  • WHERE'S LONSHAY? - Download this video clip of one of the most celebrated RBTV spots of all time, from May 1996. David Wu ('96) is hosting a live talkshow at Rainier Beach High, but his co-host Lonshay Hampton ('98) isn't there! David runs through the school, bumping into some teachers and students along the way, and even drives around the neighborhood - to some popular lunch joints in the area (...want some Jojo's?) - in hopes of finding Lonshay. Looking back, this clip is in essence a time capsule of certain aspects of RB life that we took for granted. Look out for a pretty good cameo appearance by Dan Jurdy.

  • CLIP OF FINALE FROM MULTI '94 - "HERO" - An amazing clip of the finale from Multi '94, featuring Latricia David (on lead vocals) and the students from the '93-'94 school year singing "Hero." This is one of the most touching and joyous video clips found in the RBTV archives!

  • THE BELL - Download the sound of the RB "bell," which opened to a mixed reaction in October 1992. (We who lived through that tough transition started an unsuccessful petition to return to the old bell system.)
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